Americans Being Turned Away from Hospital Due To Hordes of Diseased Afghans

Americans Being Turned Away from Hospital Due To Hordes of Diseased Afghans

As Afghan Migrants Are Kept In A Former Dick’s Sporting Goods, Measles Appears In Northern Virginia

by Luke Rosiak

Five Afghan migrants were diagnosed with measles in northern Virginia as well as in Richmond and at an Army National Guard installation called Fort Pickett in Nottoway County. Most Americans are vaccinated against measles, but it is a “highly contagious illness” that causes a rash to “appear on the face and spreads over the entire body,” the health department said.

After the federal government brought planeloads of Afghan migrants to just outside the nation’s capital, it has fallen to local governments to shoulder some of the burdens, with local officials saying they cannot get information or support from the Biden administration.

Some migrants were being kept at a former Dick’s Sporting Goods at a shopping mall in the Fair Lakes area. The store is attached to a Dave and Busters arcade, an ice cream shop, and a children’s science lab.

The Fairfax Times reported September 10 that “while originally it seemed many refugees were just stopping for a layover in Fairfax County before heading to military bases in other states, it seems that more Afghans than originally thought will be staying and integrating into the county.”

Pat Herrity, a member of the county’s board of supervisors, told the paper, “I do not know how many refugees are going to be going into the schools and the county, but I am looking for and have been trying to get that information… The real problem is the lack of information from the federal government about this topic. It is a federal government project.”

Fairfax County has spent at least $300,000 tracking and transporting Afghans to hospitals, and at one hospital Americans were being turned away because it was so crowded with Afghans.

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