Biden Denies Xi Turned Him Down for Summit, But Sources Confirm

Daniel Greenfield



Weakness is never rewarded except by the weak.

Biden’s humiliating collapse in Afghanistan was sold as part of a pivot to dealing with China. That was the same excuse that the Obama administration used for its Iraq pullout. The actual pivot never happened. And even Biden’s pleas to be taken seriously are being ignored.

Yesterday I covered the humiliating reception that John Kerry, Biden’s climate envoy, got in Communist China.

Wang had a long list of things China wanted in exchange for helping Kerry with Earth Day.

Specifically, the “two lists” and “three bottom lines”.

These are the same lists the Communist regime has been thrusting on Biden officials at every meeting, none of them penned by Santa Claus, instead, there’s the “List of U.S. Wrongdoings that Must Stop” and the “List of Key Individual Cases that China Has Concerns With”.

China’s lists mandate an end to all sanctions on the Communist state, on Chinese officials, including those involved in hacking attacks on America, on Chinese companies, and order America to open up to Communist infiltration by ending restrictions on Chinese students, including obvious PLA spies, leaving the Confucius Institute infiltration program alone, and also want a ban on pro-democracy protests outside Chinese diplomatic missions.

The bottom lines are that Biden must allow China to invade and conquer Taiwan, and any other place it wants to take over, and should not dare criticise China’s brutal Communist dictatorship.

Attempts to escalate matters to a summit between Xi and Biden are going nowhere.

Chinese President Xi Jinping snubbed President Biden’s request last week for an in-person summit to smooth over relations that were soured by Chinese human rights abuses and secrecy about the origins of COVID-19, according to a new report.

Biden told Xi on Thursday during a 90-minute call that he wanted to have the meeting to achieve better relations, but Xi “did not take him up on the offer and instead insisted Washington adopt a less strident tone towards Beijing,” Financial Times reports.

This should sound familiar because it’s exactly what Kerry was told in China.

The Communist regime wants public kowtowing. Like Iran, it wants to rub Biden’s nose in it. Because by doing so it’s humiliating America and making us appear weak.

Biden pleading with Xi for a summit and being turned down is striking because what the PRC is really saying is that Biden needs the summit to raise his prestige, and Xi isn’t about to give it to him without getting concessions in return.

The situation is humiliating enough that Biden is denying it happened.

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden denied on Tuesday a media report that his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, last week turned down an offer from Biden for a face-to-face meeting.

The Financial Times cited multiple people briefed on a 90-minute call between the two leaders last week as saying Xi did not take Biden up on the offer and instead insisted that Washington adopt a less strident tone toward Beijing.

“It’s not true,” Biden said when asked by reporters if he was disappointed that Xi did not want to meet with him.

Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said in a statement earlier on Tuesday that the report was “not an accurate portrayal of the call. Period.”

A source who was among those briefed on the call confirmed the report was accurate.

“Xi apparently intimated that the tone and atmosphere of the relationship needed to be improved first,” the source told Reuters.

The media’s brief venture into performing actual journalism is certainly unexpected.

SCMP notes that the freeze is starting to seem historic.

If Xi and Biden fail to meet at the G20 summit in Rome, it would be the longest delay before a newly inaugurated US president met his Chinese counterpart since 1997. Given that there is no other obvious opportunity for the two to meet after October, it may well be the first time there has been no summit between a newly inaugurated US president and China’s top leader since 1993.

But why should China take Biden seriously?

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