School district offering to pay parents $250 to drive their kids to school

School district offering to pay parents 0 to drive their kids to school

A school district in Maryland will reportedly give parents $250 if they drive their own kids to school amid a nationwide bus driver shortage.

Baltimore City Schools offered the transportation stipends to the families of 771 students for September, local Fox affiliate station WBFF-TV reported.

Students must have a 95% attendance rate to qualify for the payment, according to a reimbursement form sent to parents and obtained by WBFF-TV.

The district said its yearly parent reimbursement budget would fund this program, and any additional money would come out of its contractor payment budget. If all parents participate, it will cost the district an estimated $192,750.

School districts across the country are grappling with a bus driver shortage that intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNN reported that the Fairfax County Public School District in Virginia is trying to fill almost three times its normal driver openings. As an incentive, it’s offering school bus drivers a $3,000 sign-on bonus, along with a competitive starting salary.

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