Check this out: Cement Truck Crashes Into Bridge Then This Happens!

Check this out: Cement Truck Crashes Into Bridge Then This Happens!

If you’ve ever driven behind a concrete truck, you may have wondered what you’d do if, suddenly, concrete started pouring out of the truck directly into your path. Chances are, however, you haven’t thought about what could happen if a concrete truck driving in front of you hit an overpass. As this video shows, the consequences could be disastrous.


This clip was filmed in Russia. It starts out relatively benign and is filmed from the dashcam of a car following a concrete truck. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, until the top of the truck hits a concrete overpass.

According to commentators on Reddit, the obstacle isn’t an overpass at all and is instead used to warn truck drivers if their vehicles are too tall to make it under the bridge just ahead. After this strike, the whole thing collapsed directly onto the car of the cammer.

Still, the cammer had the reflexes to slam on the brakes just as the bridge was collapsing. While the emergency braking maneuver didn’t stop the car from being hit, it apparently prevented the entire cabin of the car being destroyed and inevitably injuring or even killing the driver. Indeed, it’s understood the driver didn’t suffer any injuries at all.


Overpass Collapses On Car After Being Hit By Concrete Truck

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