Double, double toil and trouble…Meet Bambi, the modern-day witch: She earns $70K a month casting spells

Double, double toil and trouble…Meet Bambi, the modern-day witch: She earns SK a month casting spells

Meet Bambi Leong Kai Mei, better known online as DarkWitchBambi, the 28-year-old full-time ‘witch’ in Singapore. With an online store and physical shop called The Love Witch, Bambi rakes in a whopping S$70,000 a month.

We caught up with her to determine whether it is as magical as it sounds and what being a modern-day witch in Singapore entails.

You’d be surprised to know that Bambi did not attend The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but instead graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the National University of Singapore.

Like most witches and Maybelline, she was born with it.

Bambi started on e-commerce marketplace Carousell with a tarot card reading service. A little technicality of not putting the disclaimer of “spiritual services”, and her business was shut down.

She wasn’t too worried, though, as some of her prominent friends, including Lorraine Warren’s grandson, Chris McKinnell and well-known Etsy sellers such as GreyKindredSpirits, encouraged her to bring her craft to a more international platform.

Subsequently, in 2019, she started up her own website, DarkWitchBambi, which features an online store where you can buy a host of spells, ritual oils, charged candles, and spelled accessories.

Given the success of her Etsy store that made a sweet $30,000 a month, she went on to bootstrap her first physical store calledThe Love Witch Singapore on 1 April of this year in Sim Lim Square.

Not only that, but Bambi also runs classes for you to become a witch or wizard, complete with two levels and a comprehensive curriculum. Her latest batch of 30 students have just completed their courses and are now full-fledged witches.

Altogether, Bambi said that she earns $70,000 a month, which was enough to retire her mother.

Protection would only go for S$160. But, let’s say you would like to banish your pesky colleagues (yes, that’s what it says), it will be a little more, say S$380. Then, for Eternal Curses, those are quite serious indeed. It will be S$30,000 because you are cursing them forever, after all.


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The Love Witch is at your service. Oh, and she takes GrabPay too.

Meet Bambi, the modern-day witch: She earns S$70K a month casting spells, teaching witchcraft

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