VIDEO: Hit man dressed in Hasidic-like disguise shoots reformed gangster in back of head in broad-daylight NYC execution

VIDEO: Hit man dressed in Hasidic-like disguise shoots reformed gangster in back of head in broad-daylight NYC execution

A hit man dressed in a Hasidic-like disguise was caught on surveillance video shooting a reformed gangster in back of the head in a broad-daylight execution on Labor Day in Queens, the New York Daily News reported.

What are the details?

Authorities on Thursday identified the victim of the fatal shooting as Jermaine Dixon, 46, WNBC-TV reported, adding that he was killed just before 8 a.m. Monday on South Conduit Avenue.

Dixon had been out of federal prison for less than a year, the Daily News said, adding that he served 19 years for drug charges and the 1992 murder of Alphonso Gooden.

The paper, citing police sources, added that the gunman was a black man dressed in a Hasidic-style hat and long black robe. WNBC said video shows the shooter pretending to work on a parked car with its hood up. Witnesses told police that the gunman — who also was wearing white gloves and a white mask — had pretended to work on the car for several hours before ambushing Dixon, sources told the Daily News.

As Dixon approached his vehicle, video shows the gunman jogging across the street and shooting Dixon in the back of the head.

Smoke can be seen following the gunfire.

The shooter then heads back to the car he was pretending to work on.

WNBC said the gunman shot Dixon twice before driving off.

More from the station:

Detectives working the case said that Dixon had been staying at a nearby Comfort Inn. Sources told NBC New York that Dixon was constantly looking behind him as he moved around the neighborhood. Detectives said that every time Dixon walked to his rental car, he would look around, almost knowing that he was being targeted.

Sources said that they are investigating the possibility that the person who shot and killed Dixon believed he was cooperating with the government against the codefendants.

The Daily News reported that Dixon was a former gang member who had been released from federal prison less than a year ago, after serving two decades in connection with a 1992 murder.

WNBC reported that Dixon had a “significant” amount of money on him.

What’s the background?

The Daily News said Dixon was part of a Brooklyn gang called the “Patio Crew,” which refers to a Flatbush restaurant the gang used as a hangout.

In regard to Gooden’s murder nearly 30 years ago, prosecutors said Dixon pulled the trigger, the paper said. Dixon’s brother, Emile Dixon, also was convicted for the killing and is serving a life sentence, the paper added.

More from the Daily News:

Papers in Brooklyn Federal Court show that Jermaine Dixon considered cooperating with the feds, but the deal fell apart after prosecutors learned of his role in the Gooden slaying.

Facing a life sentence that was later reduced to 30 years, Dixon became a model prisoner. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in business and filed for compassionate release.

“It is clear that I am not the young man that your honor sentenced 20 years ago,” Dixon wrote to Judge Raymond Dearie, the paper said. “I am now asking your honor to again take a chance with me and let me re-enter society to prove to myself, my mother, children, family and also the court that I can and will do the right thing upon release…I blame no one but myself for the road I chose that put me in my current situation. ”

Dearie’s response? “Do I leave Mr. Dixon to the authorities and require him to serve out the sentence he deserves, or do I grant him a somewhat accelerated release in the hope that for himself and his family he will continue on a road to a respectable and productive life?” the judge wrote, according to the Daily News. “I choose the latter. I choose to take a chance.”

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