Toddler on railroad tracks is latest sick selfie trend for TikTok clout

Toddler on railroad tracks is latest sick selfie trend for TikTok clout

By Ben cost

TikTok trends are going off the rails.

Railway officials in the UK are cautioning against the latest moronic TikTok phenomenon, in which clout-seeking bozos take selfies, dance and even place their toddlers on railroad tracks. Photos and pics of the alarming #railwayshoot stunt have over 1 million views across multiple social media platforms, South West News Service (SWNS) reported.

“It’s a very worrying trend,” Ronnie Gallagher, Route Level Crossing Manager at Network Rail, said during a BBC “Crimewatch” segment documenting the “illegal” and “dangerous” craze.

Gallagher added, “No photograph is worth the risk to you or the consequences to your family.”

Recent examples of the fad include two teenagers recklessly dancing on the tracks for a TikTok video before fleeing an incoming train. In the most shocking stunt, a pair of irresponsible parents even placed their toddler on the rails for a photo, SWNS reported.

The harebrained hobby has contributed to the rise in people illegally trespassing railroad crossings in Wales with 433 serious incidents reported since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the British Transport Police and Transport for Wales. The UK as a whole recorded 1,239 instances of people illegally crossing the tracks in September alone — the highest figure in five years.

“Over the years, myself and many of my colleagues ― from within station, driver and conductor roles ― have had to deal with hundreds of frightening and sometimes tragic occurrences at level crossings,” Jody Donnelly, train driver at Transport for Wales, told Cambridgeshire Live.

“People seem to think that the worst won’t happen to them ― but if you’re caught short at a level crossing, it simply isn’t true. Unlike cars, trains can take hundreds of meters to stop when traveling at top speed, meaning that a decision to nip across the tracks can be fatal.”

Network Rail warns that even simply standing too close to the railroad tracks can also prove fatal as the turbulence generated by trains can suck people under the wheels.

Source: New York Post

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