Woman Discovers Boyfriend Grating Cheese Directly Into Pet Dog’s Mouth

A HILARIOUS video shows a pet dog with lightning-quick reflexes gobbling up shredded cheese in mid air. Hutch waits patiently before a handful of cheese is unleashed and then, in a blur of snapping jaws and teeth, devours the lot. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, five, manages to catch almost all the treat before it hits the floor. Owner Rachel Rollston, from Johnson City, Tennessee, proudly showed off her pet's party piece on social media. When Rachel does drop the food, Hutchís mouth begins to operate like a mechanical crusher.

A woman has sparked a major discussion around pet snacking habits after revealing she recently walked in on her boyfriend feeding their dog cheese.

Molly Quell, a U.S. expat currently living and working out in the Netherlands, revealed on Twitter that she walked into her kitchen to discover her other half “grating cheese directly into the dog’s mouth.”

“Dogs are notoriously messy eaters and there is now cheese everywhere,” she wrote in a follow-up tweet. “The dog himself is covered in cheese.”

To further help illustrate her point, an artist even contributed a brilliant drawing of the resulting chaos.

Dog lovers far and wide related to the vivid picture painted by Quell’s initial tweet, which has been retweeted more than 14,000 times and has racked up 278,000 likes.

NBC News legal analyst and University of Alabama law professor Joy Alene was among those to comment, revealing that her husband “buys whipped cream and squirts it straight from the canister into the dogs mouths.”

“They line up for this & wait expectantly,” she wrote. “It’s disgusting (but also sort of cute).”

One woman, tweeting under the handle of Deutschelady, also recalled how her old yellow Labrador used to like his food with “Parmesan sprinkled over it.”

“Not just any parm,” she noted. “The expensive kind, in the square container, from Costco!”

Luigi_Scardoffi shared a similar experience, explaining that his “corgis hit the kitchen” when they hear him grating cheese, noting they are “big on the whipped cream” too.

JRTWrites had a similar situation with his dog who he says “recognises the sound of the cheese box opening from any room in the house” and “always gets a chunk.”

Lyn_rix meanwhile, offered up a “pro tip” to Quell’s boyfriend to use a bag of grated cheese as, in their experience, it’s “much easier” to feed dogs from.

While plenty of dog lovers appeared happy to share the details of their prized pet’s snacking habits, the practice was not without its detractors.

Among them was a Twitter user by the name of Qtrinchseam, who claimed they had just been at to the vets with their sister’s dog, where they learned that “one ounce of cheese to a dog is like 3 doughnuts to a human.”

“Tell boyfriend if he loves your dog, to knock it off,” they added.

Another, named UTPHTTU, also criticized anyone feeding dairy products to their dog. “Honestly, there are no dog species who have cows milk products as a natural food,” they said. “It is not even natural for us as humans.”

Despite this criticism, Quell’s tweet appeared to turn some newcomers on to the idea. Drkenstone1 admitted he was now “tempted” to grate cheese directly into his dog’s mouth which was something he had never previously considered.

In the wake of the debate, Quell returned to Twitter a few days later to share a picture of her dog enjoying the warm weather and looking fit and healthy.

“Do you think he’s contemplating how his life will change now that he’s famous on the internet?” she wrote alongside the picture.

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