Man Stabs Himself in Leg while Driving, Holding Knife and Eating Taco Bell

Omaha man stabs himself in leg while driving, holding knife and eating Taco Bell

Traffic safety officials always say you shouldn’t drive while distracted. More specifically, you shouldn’t drive while talking to your friend on the phone, eating Taco Bell and holding a knife.

Unfortunately, a 39-year-old Omaha man did that Thursday and inadvertently stabbed himself in the leg.

The man had picked up some food at the Taco Bell near 38th and Dodge Streets just before 2 a.m. Thursday and was on his way to give some to his girlfriend, according to a police report.

As he was eating and driving, he later told police, he was talking to a friend via Bluetooth speaker and looking at a knife that his friend gave him. He then drove through a large pothole or hit a bump on the road. The jolt “made him accidentally stab his right thigh with the knife,” the police report said. The man was left with a 1- to 1½-inch-deep puncture wound in the top of his right thigh.

The man then headed to the nearby Nebraska Medical Center, where he waved down security officers and asked where the emergency room was.

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