A HUGE shout-out to 㠪丂⼕龱.己 from TNBD!!

TNBD is more than what all of you see here. There is a backside to this place that is hard to understand. What it is is people that all follow TNBD but do not use DISQUS so they do not comment. They read you all daily but you never know that they even exist.

These are faithful followers of this place. There are tons of them that you guys never see.

You each have many many fans of what you say here that you never see. They enjoy reading you daily and will sometimes drop us an email giving you some lovin that you never see.



㠪丂⼕龱.己 was contacted the other day by one of them. He/she was told how much they appreciate the stories that they post on TNBD. How he/she takes the time to do such a great job with what they do here. 

That was a first for us  That means a lot to us.

㠪丂⼕龱.己 and a few others know just how much your comments do here to help others.  

While you all are laughing and having fun just know each comment that you make and every ad that your fans click are helping somebody ( mostly a child) that thanks you!

Thank you, 㠪丂⼕龱.己 from everybody here at TNBD!


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