Thank you from everyone here at TNBD

It’s that time again when TNBD has a game for prizes or to donate to our favorite charities.

This time we decided to do something different with the cash in TNBD kitty.

Everybody here wouldn’t have the fun that you have if it weren’t for our great authors here and all the hard work that they do every day.

This last month they have put in a lot of overtime to pick the slack and make sure TNBD was showed some lovin.

So instead of our regular games for the prizes, we have decided to give three giftcards out to the top three authors that went WELL over anything that was ever expected of them.

The authors are:


Brother Ashanti

I’m going to Narnia


We will contact each of you as soon as we get your card numbers. If you have never won a giftcard here, don’t worry we will let you know how to use them.

Thank you, guys for everything that you do here from everybody here at TNBD!

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