Jealous wife screws nut onto ‘cheating’ husband’s penis in agonising revenge

Jealous wife screws nut onto ‘cheating’ husband’s penis in agonising revenge

WARNING GRAPHIC: A woman in Ukraine allegedly screwed a metal nut onto her husband’s penis while he slept – doctors were left needing to use tools like angle grinders to remove the object

A jealous wife allegedly screwed an engineering nut onto her husband’s penis when she found out he’d been cheating on her, it has emerged.

The woman carried out the act while her husband slept as a way to “avenge the betrayal”, reports local media in Zaporozhye, a town in Ukraine, where the horrific incident took place.

As a result, the man’s manhood swelled up to the point where he was no longer able to remove the metal object, leaving him needing hospital treatment to get it off.

However, it wasn’t just the usual soapy water that doctors used to remove the object – the method they had to use in the end was a little more eye-watering than that.

Doctors at the 5th City Hospital tried to remove the nut from the man’s penis, but failed, according to a local news source.

They were then left with no option other than to perform surgery to remove the metal object.

While the patient was being prepared for surgery, doctors decided to call in Cobra rescuers.

Deputy Chief of Cobra, Eduard Nekhoroshev, told the news source that medics called in the use of special tools, like an angle grinder, to perform the gruesome removal.

Eventually, rescuers were able to cut off the nut by carefully slicing the large nut on opposite sides so it fell off.

Luckily, the patient was under anaesthetic the entire time, and remained in hospital under medical supervision following the operation.

In a similar case, a woman in Vietnam waited for her husband to fall asleep before she took a pair of scissors to his penis and lopped it off, reports say.

She later drove him and the penis remains to hospital where surgeons then battled for hours to reattach the manhood.

Local paper, the VN Express, reports the 40-year-old man dropped off to sleep at his home with no idea of what was to come.

After the wife severed her husband’s penis, she took him to hospital, but it was some hours later, while he was still drenched in his own blood.

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Department of Urology, Cho Ray Hospital, told the paper that his team was asked to reconnect the recovered portion of the penis.

Dr Tuan told the paper: “The penis is cut with scissors so the doctor has to treat the wound and wash the severed part thoroughly to avoid infection.

“This operation requires the use of special microsurgery glasses and the surgeon must be trained in microsurgery, vascular surgery.”

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