Anti-Trump Traitorous Journalist Jim Acosta Has Change Of Heart: ‘Can’t We All Get Along?’

CNN Jim Acosta, who made his bones with scurrilous daily attacks on The Trump Administration, has finally seen the light. The death of our troops had a profound effect on him. Now, his wish is for all of us to come together as Americans, put our best foot forward and once again make this country a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere

Acosta, perhaps, find it difficult to sleep at night as the blood of our 13 troops stain his hands as he, with 5 years of yellow journalism, is directly responsible for their demise.

Jim Acosta, at 12 noon,  deserve to be frog marched to Main and 1st Street. Stripped down to his skivvies.  And publicly flogged with a swivel handle hand braided blacksnake bull whip.


Curated by Brother Ashanti 

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