Detroit woman’s hyena claims appear to be false

A Detroit woman took her new puppy to the vet to get checked out and claimed to have made a wild discovery.

According to the Detroit Metro Times, a woman posted on Facebook that she was handed a puppy by a man outside of a market who told her the mother ran away. She took the puppy in and grew attached to her. When she took the dog to the vet, the woman claims the vet told her the 5-week-old puppy was “mostly hyena.”

The story took off and began to grab the attention of various news outlets, but after being reported on, news outlets began to question the integrity of the woman’s story.

Friday afternoon, WXYZ-TV reported an account of a woman who claimed she received a hyena from a man outside of a Detroit fruit market. Those claims appear to be false. Since posting the original story, WXYZ-TV has discovered that the video she provided of the alleged hyena was doctored. Additionally, the Detroit resident we initially interviewed has refused to give us the veterinarian’s name to confirm the visit she described to us in detail. At this time, we do not believe the woman’s accounts are true.


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