Biden will break his silence on Kabul airport carnage with 5pm address

To address the nation after two ISIS suicide bombers killed 12 US troops and 60 Afghans: Pentagon vows to hunt down terrorists and continue shambolic evacuation

  • 11 Marines and one Navy medic were killed on Thursday by the attacks at Kabul airport  
  • President Biden has canceled his meetings to meet with Pentagon and defense chiefs to discuss the attacks
  • At 3pm EST, General Kenneth F. McKenzie, the commander on the ground, spoke to reporters
  • He said the evacuation would continue but that there were ‘active’ threats of ‘additional attacks’
  • The first bomb was detonated in a suicide vest and the bomber was being searched by Marines
  • It’s unclear how he got past Taliban checkpoints before the airport to get close enough 
  • Gen. McKenzie said the US would retaliate against ISIS when they find the exact people responsible  
  • Other NATO countries begged Biden him to extend his August 31 deadline to get out but he refused
  • Norway, Poland, Canada and Holland have now all stopped evacuating citizens from Afghanistan
  • Biden is adamant he can get everyone out by August 31 but has offered no plan for how he will do it
  • Angry Republicans including Nikki Haley demanded Biden’s resignation on Thursday


By Jennifer Smith and Josh Boswell and Ross Ibbetson For Dailymail.com01:11 EDT 26 Aug 2021 , updated 16:10 EDT 26 Aug 2021


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