So much for Biden’s tough talk: Australian citizen is beaten by Taliban

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline and Wires03:34 EDT 25 Aug 2021 , updated 08:47 EDT 25 Aug 2021

  • Man claiming to be an Australian citizen filmed himself beaten bloody by Taliban guards near Kabul airport 
  • Speaking in accented English, he accused guards of hitting him and said he was trying to reach the airport – though his words are partially obscured by the sound of an AK-47 rifle being cocked and fired over his head 
  • Comes after the Taliban vowed to block Afghans from reaching the airport in defiance of Biden’s demand that evacuations are allowed to continue unimpeded, with even western citizens getting trapped
  • Mercy flights expected to last for just a few more hours before planes are used to get troops out by August 31

Beaten while trying to reach evacuation flight as Islamists IGNORE US president’s demand to let civilians get to Kabul airport – with just hours left for them to flee

Bloodied and beaten by the Taliban – this was the fate of one man claiming to be an Australian citizen as he tried to reach Kabul airport today as the Islamists defied Joe Biden’s demand to let evacuation flights continue unimpeded with just hours left to get civilians out of the country.

The man, whose identity is unknown, was attacked after the Taliban vowed to stop people reaching the airport despite Biden demanding that they ‘allow access to the airport for those who are transporting out and no disruptions to our operations’ in return for US troops withdrawing from the country by August 31.

Video shows the man at what appears to be a Taliban checkpoint with blood running down his face and dripping on to his pink polo shirt, saying in accented English: ‘They hit me… I am an Australian citizen.’

He then talks about trying to reach the airport, though his words are partially obscured by the sound of Taliban guards cocking and firing an AK47 rifle over his head – before the footage cuts out.

The man’s fate is currently unknown, but even if he managed to get past Taliban guards he will face navigating a crowd of evacuees around the airport, where hope is fast turning to panic and anger as the final planes depart.

While many are crowded hard up against Taliban checkpoints, others have taken to wading across an open sewer underneath walls where western troops stand guard – waving papers in the hopes of being picked up.

Lord David Richards, former chief of UK defence staff, said he is ‘pretty certain’ that British flights will have to stop on Friday to allow enough time for 1,000 troops to fully withdraw by August 31, the date Joe Biden committed to yesterday under threats from the Taliban.

France says it is ‘very probable’ that its flights will stop tomorrow, while Poland said it has already stopped flights due to the ‘security situation’ at the airport. Hungary will also stop flights soon.

Fears are now growing that civilians could rush the runway and trigger a deadly stampede in a repeat of the horror scenes from last week, or else opportunistic terror groups such as ISIS could attack packed crowds – fears that will only grow as troop numbers dwindle.

British foreign secretary Dominic Raab admitted this morning that the mercy missions are now into their final hours with some 4,000 people – 1,250 western citizens and 2,500 Afghans – still left to rescue, though he did not say exactly when the final flight will leave or how many people may be left behind.

Mr Raab was also forced to admit that the coming days will present ‘maximum danger’ for British troops, fearing both a ‘Saigon’ moment with crowds rushing planes and threats of a ‘spectacular’ terrorist attack.

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