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Cattle be expensive! Woman comes home to discover COWS named Bandit and SOB trashed her home leaving broken furniture, ruined toys and piles of manure – and didn’t even flee the scene of the crime

  • Chelsea Hingston returned to her Tasmanian home to find it completely trashed
  • Furniture was broken, pot plants tipped over, and debris strewn across the floor 
  • A video posted online shows her surveying the damage to find two cows inside
  • Ms Hingston said her pet cows Bandit and SOB barged their way into the house

A pair of unruly cows have been caught red handed after brazenly breaking into a house, thrashing the furniture, and defecating on the carpet.

Chelsea Hingston returned to her Tasmanian home after dropping her daughters at playgroup to find the doors wide open and debris scattered across her living room.

Chairs and pot plants were knocked over, clothes and blankets damaged, and books, toys, pieces of paper, and piles of manure were strewn across the carpet.

But despite tearing the house apart, the two intruders, appropriately named SOB and Bandit, refused to flee – and were instead found at the scene of the crime.

Inside, Ms Hingston found the family’s two beloved pets had pushed their way through the back door.

‘I was horrified and in denial,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I opened the front doors and called to them, they just walked out.’

The mother-of-two said the fence to the cow’s paddock was damaged the night before when a tree fell during a storm.

After chasing them back into their property, she locked them in the backyard.

But when she left the house, the mischievous duo decided to explore.

‘My partner and I had only purchased the home in December so to say our hearts broke when we saw inside is an understatement,’ she said.

‘We have bare concrete flooring whilst we wait to be able to get new flooring laid and lost a considerable amount of clothing, plants, and toys.’

Ms Hingston said the estimated damage of SOB and Bandits’ escapade is more than $15,000, which includes the cost of carpet repairs and replacing broken items.

Footage posted on TikTok shows Ms Hingston walking into the soiled house to discover the culprits standing sheepishly in the lounge room.

While SOB looks up at the camera sprung, Bandit turns to avoid eye contact.

Despite the devastating financial toll, Ms Hingston said the family was able to see the funny side of the bizarre situation.

‘It’s hilarious now,’ she said.

‘It’s just such an unheard of thing. We are working on getting a sign for the house saying “home is where the herd is”.’

The cows are living at a relative’s property until the fences are repaired.

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