Wholesome Dad Has Incredible Reaction To Daughter’s Completely Fabricated Scholarship Application

BY : EMILY BROWN ON : 23 AUG 2021 10:53

Twitter user Shami has gained more than 130,000 followers on TikTok by regularly sharing insights to her life and her relationship with her father, who appears to have endless patience as he often finds himself to be the star of Shami’s content.

Shami’s father is likely used to having the camera pointed in his face by now, but Shami managed to catch him off guard recently under the rouse that she was filming herself as part of a scholarship application for software engineering.

In the video, posted to TikTok this weekend, Shami could be seen introducing herself and her dad to the camera and explaining that in answer to one of the application’s questions, she considered her dad to be her biggest inspiration.

It’s likely that any parent hearing this statement would be flattered by such a compliment, but things took an unexpected turn when Shami went on to explain exactly why her dad was so inspiring.

She commented: ‘From the age of two years old, just after my dad escaped from prison for robbery and theft, my dad took me under his wing; he actually adopted me from another family and I feel like despite the fact that I am adopted, me and my father have always had a very close relationship.’

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Shami’s dad remained silent as he let his daughter talk, but his startled reaction at the mention of prison, robbery and theft indicated he had no idea what Shami was talking about.

Things only escalated as Shami made more claims about her life with her dad, explaining that she’d been taught she could ‘always steal… from other children’ if there was something in school she didn’t have, and that her father would put food in her school bag or pram rather than scanning it in the supermarket.

When it came to how Shami would use the scholarship money should she receive it, she described helping her father ‘better his life’ following his stints ‘in and out of prison’ and rehab.

The unsuspecting father valiantly remained silent throughout the entire speech, though he continued to stare at his daughter and at one point gave a shocked shake of the head as he heard the claims she made.

It was only when he believed the video had come to an end that he shared his thoughts on the application, asking his daughter exactly why she’d lied so much about their life. He implied he’d cover the costs of Shami’s education rather than having her lie in her application, explaining that while he knew he didn’t have the money, he would ‘take a loan’ to pay for it.

His wholesome reaction has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times since Shami shared the video, with responses coming from thousands of viewers including Nicki Minaj, who responded: ‘A father’s love. He’s incredible. God bless him.’

Another commented: ‘What brought tears to my eyes was the dad’s statement “you don’t have to lie” “I will take the loan”. Big up to all dads giving up limbs so that their children can realise their dreams.’

Hopefully Shami didn’t leave her dad worrying about the application for too long, and instead reassured him with the knowledge that much of the internet agrees he’s an incredible father.

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