Pizza customer finds a nut and bolt as toppings

And they thought pineapple was bad… Horrified Domino’s customer finds NUTS AND BOLTS baked into takeaway pizza

  • Gemma Barton from Lancashire ordered a takeaway pizza from Domino’s 
  • She was halfway through eating when she spotted nuts and bolts in the toppings
  • She encouraged others to check their food as Domino’s offered an apology 

A horrified Domino’s customer has discovered nuts and bolts nestled among the toppings of her takeaway pizza.

Gemma Barton was halfway eating the pizza ordered from a store in Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, when she noticed the offending metal fasteners.

The branch apologised and refunded the meal but she has since shared photos warning others to check for dangerous items in their food

Tagging a food safety agency, Ms Barton said: ‘PLEASE PLEASE double check your pizzas before eating I’d hate if I or anyone ingested these!!

Domino’s has since responded apologising for the incident and saying it had spoken to the store to prevent this from happening again in the future.

A statement from the pizza giant, said: ‘At Domino’s we take customer satisfaction and safety extremely seriously – contamination of this nature is extremely rare.

‘As soon as we received Ms Barton’s complaint in July we apologised for the distress caused and thoroughly investigated at a store level.

‘We swiftly offered Ms Barton a full refund which she accepted at the time.

‘We have reminded our store team of the correct process to avoid any future issues of this nature.’

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