Furious mother reveals her husband’s grandmother dropped her three-month-old son on the STAIRS while babysitting and dismissed it as ‘a bit of a tumble’ – even though it left the baby with a fractured skull

  • American mother revealed her husband’s grandmother dropped baby on head
  • The woman downplayed the seriousness of fall, didn’t bring him to hospital 
  • When told son had skull fracture, mother told grandmother he might not survive

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By Claire Toureille For Mailonline04:32 EDT 23 Aug 2021 , updated 05:16 EDT 23 Aug 2021

A distraught mother discovered her husband’s grandmother had dropped her infant son on his head while baby sitting.

The American mother took to Reddit to reveal she received a call from her grandmother-in-law to say the baby was ‘fine’ and there was no need to go to hospital – even though she could hear her son screaming in the background.

It later emerged the grandmother had dropped the baby on the stairs, increasing the risk of injury.

The baby was left with a fractured skull but no lasting damage. But to prove a point, the mother initially told the grandmother, who remained relaxed about the incident: ‘We’re not sure if he’ll make it’.

The mother took to the Am I The A*****e forum to ask whether she had been in the wrong to lie to the grandmother to teach her a lesson.

The majority of users said the grandmother should no longer be left alone with the baby.

The mother explained: ‘About a week and a half ago while my husband’s grandmother was babysitting, I got a call from her saying my son had “a bit of a tumble”.

‘I heard my son screaming in the background and my instincts said something was extremely wrong, so I said to get off the phone with me and call an ambulance, then call me back and tell me what happened once the ambulance was on the way.

‘She started handwaving it with “I don’t think we need to bother with an ambulance, babies are tougher than they look you know, basically made of rubber.”

‘When I said he sounded like he was hurt she admitted he had “a bit of a scrape and a bruise” and when I pushed further she said it was on his head. I hung up and called the ambulance myself because I wasn’t about to sit there and waste time trying to convince this idiot that a head injury on a 3mo baby is a serious thing.’

When she got the full story from the grandmother, she realised the fall had been much more serious than she had let on.

‘It turns out she not only dropped my son, she dropped him while walking down the stairs, so he fell onto the second from bottom step and hit his head on the third from bottom step,’ she explained.

She added the great-grandmother’s first instinct was to call the husband’s father, not the hospital or his mother and that once at the hospital, she kept dismissing the gravity of the fall.

The doctor told the mother and husband that their child had a minor skull fracture that would heal on its own.

‘We’re so incredibly lucky. The doctor said a fall like that could have easily caused a life threatening brain injury, and my husband’s grandmother hesitating to call an ambulance absolutely could have increased his risk of serious disability or death,’ she said.

The furious mother called the great-grandmother, initially to let her know the baby was okay, however, she was angered by the woman’s ‘condescending tone and blasé attitude to her son’s safety.

‘I said “actually we’re still not sure if he’s going to make it.” Then the apologies and the guilt and the distress came out,’ the mother revealed.

She added her parents-in-laws were mad at her for lying to an old lady.

But fellow Reddit users agreed the mother had made the right decision by lying to the great-grandmother.

‘My in laws pulled that s*** on me. My son was 5 months old and grandparent were watching so we could go to a football game,’ one said.

‘Father-in-law dropped my son in his head on concrete. They didn’t even call me. I got back to a scratched up baby,’ they went on.

‘They didn’t call us or take him to any doctor. I still haven’t really forgiven my FIL and my son is 6. MIL passed last year. If we had another child, I would not trust him to watch them,’ they added.

‘If she was the parent she’d be investigated for neglect (I say this as a doctor),’ another said. ‘She is scarily blasé and absolutely should not be left unattended around children.

‘That’s a woman who should not longer be allowed to be alone with children. She’s a danger to them,’ another wrote.

‘She doesn’t get any contact with your son again. She’s on a LONG timeout,’ one said.

‘Absolutely! Next time, she won’t tell you when your son “takes a tumble”…but you can bet the pediatrician would figure out he was injured during his next checkup,’ another wrote.



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