Florida woman throws cat into river during fight with ex-boyfriend

Florida woman throws cat into river during fight with ex-boyfriend: cops

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly tossing a caged cat into a river during a fight with her ex-boyfriend last week, authorities said.

Christa Thistle, 53, is accused of throwing the animal, which was in a crate, in a waterway at the Riverwood Park Campground in Oak Hill on Thursday after feuding with her ex over him not moving out of their RV quick enough, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

The man jumped into the river and rescued the cat, named Stanley, who was submerged for up to 20 seconds, according to the sheriff’s office.

When deputies arrived, Stanley was wet and shivering, but otherwise appeared to be in good condition.

Thistle was charged with animal cruelty.


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