NYC escort’s body is found stuffed in a barrel left on a New Jersey street that was carted out of a luxury Wall Street apartment the night before by a Queens ‘gang member’

  • A woman’s naked body was found stuffed in a barrel in a Ridgefield Park, New Jersey on Friday morning after neighbors noticed a foul smell 
  • The woman was identified as Nicole Flanagan, 42, when her fingerprints pulled up a previous prostitution arrest 
  • Surveillance footage recorded Flanagan walking into 95 Wall Street on August 13 with a known member of NYC’s Snow Gang
  • A security guard questioned the man when he entered the building with the barrel but said he was moving and later carted it out into a U-Haul van
  •  New Jersey Bergen County and New York City police are investigating the case

The naked body of a female escort was found stuffed into a 55-gallon barrel on a New Jerseystreet Friday after it was removed from a residential luxury Wall Street building.

The woman was later identified as Nicole Flanagan, 42, when officers ran her fingerprints through their system and connected them to a previous prostitution arrest, according to the New York Post.

Residents of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey discovered the body Friday morning after a revolting smell began emanating from a large plastic container in the street, according to New Jersey police and NYPD sources.

The barrel holding Flanagan’s body was dumped in the middle of the intersection at Hobart Street and Teaneck Road.

Surveillance footage from downtown Manhattan shows a plastic barrel being carted from 95 Wall Street and loaded into a U-Haul van around 10:45 pm on August 12, according to police sources.

The building at 95 Wall Street is a high-end apartment building in the heart of the Financial District. Its website boasts many amenities including a doorman.

A security guard working there Thursday night questioned the man when he entered the building with the drum. The man said he was moving and later was seen rolling it out on a luggage rack, sources said.

Surveillance video had recorded Flanagan entering the building earlier that night with a man, who since has been identified as a member of the notorious Snow Gang, according to sources.

By Adriana Diaz For Dailymail.Com17:40 EDT 19 Aug 2021 , updated 00:07 EDT 20 Aug 2021

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