We seem to be having problems with the ADVERTISEMENTS that earn us some of the income we use for prizes, gifts to police departments, the military, and charities.  Can you please make a comment under this story and tell us if you are seeing ads at this time?  If you normally do not see ads anyway, then please don’t comment. We only need to know if people who usually see ads are seeing them or not.

Please check multiple stories to see if all stories are showing the ads or just some.

Also, please tell us your platform for viewing TNBD. Are you on a Windows machine, Mac, a tablet, an Android phone, or an iPhone, or something else.  We need to gather data about how many people can see ads or not, and what platform you use. If you could also tell us the browser you use, that would be a bonus that we could use too.

Again, please don’t bother responding if you use ad blockers and stuff and don’t see them anyway. We just want to know who is and who isn’t seeing our advertisers’ ads.

Thank you to all.

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