Who is the evil kitten kicker? Hunt is on for man seen booting a cat 25 yards as his friend cheers him on to ‘kick a field goal’

  • A man was filmed kicking a kitten across a high school field in Kansas City
  • His friend, who filmed the incident, was heard laughing and cheering him on 
  • Officials are desperate to find the people involved in the heinous act
  • Do you know this man? Contact hannah.moore@mailonline.com 

🏈🙀 Disturbing moment kitten flies through the air after being kicked: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5863647/Disturbing-footage-shows-man-kicking-kitten-25-yards-like-field-goal-high-school.html#v-1527522349146981282

A man was caught on video kicking a kitten ‘like a field goal’ on a high school field to impress a friend.

The man was seen in a Snapchat video at Center High School in Kansas City, Missouri, on the evening of May 22, and the school’s principal contacted animal control on May 24, Fox 8 reported.

Officials have still not been able to identify the man, who is believed to have kicked the kitten about 20-25 yards, according to estimates from animal health experts.

As the incident happened in the evening, when the field is open to the public, it is not known if the men involved were students at the high school.

In the video, one man can be heard laughing, yelling ‘field goals n****’ to his friend.

‘Motherf***ing field goals,’ he says as he bursts out laughing just moments before his friend runs towards the animal and kicks it into the air.

John Baccala, spokesperson for KCMO Animal Control, says they are desperate to find the people responsible for the heinous act.

‘We can never have enough information. We would like to pursue this case as best we can, and the more information we get, the better,’ Baccala said.

‘It’s graphic. It’s disturbing. You can insert any number of words in that.

‘We really just want to find the person who did that and the person who shot the video.’

Tori Fugate, who works with Kansas City Pet Project, says the clip was ‘difficult to watch’, and that people who abuse animals can sometimes be found to abuse other people too.

‘There’s a lot of correlation between violence against people and violence against pets,’ she said.

‘Usually when you see something as far as violence against pets, there has been a violent crime against a human, there has been a history of animal abuse in their past,’ Fugate said.

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