Young UK Student Seeking Adventure Traveled To Afghanistan

Young UK Student Seeking Adventure Traveled To Afghanistan

UK student Miles Routledge reportedly flies to Afghanistan for ‘risk,’ gets rescued by British Army

By Lee Brown

A daredevil UK student has come under fire for traveling to Afghanistan last week looking for “risk” — forcing the British Army to evacuate him in the midst of the country’s deadly chaos.

Miles Routledge, 21, told the Spectator that he picked the troubled nation to travel to after doing a Google search for “most dangerous countries to visit” — arriving Friday even though he was aware of the Taliban’s insurgency.

“I like risk,” the student from Birmingham told the Times of London, saying he had previously been to the site of the 1986 Russian nuclear disaster in Chernobyl and also hoped to visit North Korea.

“I hate lying around on a beach, so I wanted to do something a little bit different,” he said, adding that Afghanistan “looked quite nice, the food seemed amazing, and it was dirt cheap.

“I was under the impression that the country wouldn’t fall for another month, so I thought it was going to be fine,” he told the outlet, initially sharing smiling selfies while posing with high-powered weapons.

Routledge decided to go to Afghanistan after searching "most dangerous countries to visit" on Google.
Routledge decided to go to Afghanistan after searching “most dangerous countries to visit” on Google.

But he soon started seeing bodies pile up in the streets against the backdrop of gunfire and was stopped from entering Kabul airport by Taliban forces when he tried to flee the country, he claimed during regular updates on 4Chan.

“I’m stuck in Afghanistan. Bit of a pickle,” he said in one update, admitting to the UK Times that he had “bitten off more than I can chew.

“I kind of just thought, I’m going to be killed by the Taliban,” he said, informing his online followers that he’d been “fully prepared for death, I accepted it.”

Routledge claimed to have been first protected at a NATO-controlled safe house in Kabul before posting video of him Tuesday on a packed military plane.

“The happy ending: landed in Dubai thanks to the brilliant people at the British Army. All safe!” he wrote in an update.

He was then transferred to a plane back to the UK, where he is quarantining in a hotel, he told Business Insider on Wednesday.

Routledge’s tale initially drew skepticism, especially when one of his friends described him to the Telegraph as a “massive attention-seeker.”

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