Toronto has x-rated waffles on a stick

People in Toronto are itching to lick an edible dick on a stick this week thanks to a brand new dessert spot called Members Only Waffle House.

Specializing in penis-shaped waffles topped with various high quality ingredients, Members Only officially launched at 592 Queen St. W. (near Bathurst, in front of Frisaca) this past Saturday after a brief soft opening period.

Instagram has been rife with photos of chocolate-dipped dongs ever since — and the thirst among locals to try one is growing, especially since the business is only open on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can currently find them on the Mexican restaurant Frisaca‘s front patio space from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. every weekend until further notice, as long as weather permits.

And it’s not just a “tee-hee, let’s take a photo of this and throw it out” kind of product either; Members Only makes legitimately good waffles, dipped in Belgian chocolate and crafted with care by Chef Santiago Vega.

“The Belgian chocolate is key — it’s not so sweet,” says Kirsty Fan, who created the business alongside Vega and another silent partner. “We want to bring people joy and smiles, but also satisfaction in their tummy.”

Fan says the goal was to keep the product “as authentic as possible” without the use of preservatives or cheap ingredients like store-bought candy chocolate. It worked.

“We wanted the waffles to rise, for the outside to be super crispy, but very airy and fluffy inside,” says Fan. “You can feel the intensity when you bite in. The chocolate kind of melts down through your throat.”

So yes, the members are more than a novelty treat, but the process of getting one is also a gramworthy experience on its own.

With neon lights and music playing, Fan describes a party vibe with laughter and smiles all around.

“I’ve never laughed so much in my life ever,” she tells blogTO. “Every single person who walks in and out of our storefront is super, super happy. You can be having such a bad day, and then you have a member, you become a member, your day can turn around in just a split second.”

The process for becoming a member, for the record, is simply to eat a penis waffle. Once you’ve enjoyed a member, you’re automatically a “member” of the Waffle House gang.

“You’ll always remember that friend who, when you were upset, came over and got you a cup of coffee. We want our clients to feel like that when they come here. They’re never alone because we’re here to laugh with them,” says Fan.

“People need people. We’re here to build a community, we laugh, we giggle, we ask them whether they’re satisfied with the size of their member… people are smiling from ear to ear.”

Because it takes about 5 to 10 minutes for each person go through the entire Members Only experience, the business is currently only serving up about 150 peens per day — but even waiting in line and watching Chef Santiago do his magic seems to be a draw.

“People listening while they’re lining up,” says Fan. “Everybody’s laughing.”

Delighted customers have the pandemic to thank, in part, for the existence of Members Only Waffle House, like so many other new local businesses that sprung up during lockdown.

Fan and her partners all have full time jobs and consider the Waffle house a “passion project,” inspired by a similar stand in Spain that they couldn’t visit due to a trip cancellation.

“The three of us, during COVID, we didn’t have anything to do because we couldn’t travel. We were supposed to go to Madrid and visit this place La Polleria, but we couldn’t go so we basically though ‘why don’t we just try this here?'”

With the help of family members, they pulled it off and the rest is dickstory.

While they had no idea the concept would prove so popular, Fan says she and her cofounders are just happy to bring something positive into peoples’ lives right now.

“This was never expected,” she tells blogTO. “We are so fortunate and so blessed in so many ways.”

You can try your own naughty waffles this Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. at 592 Queen Street West, but I’d recommend showing up a bit early since there will definitely be a lineup.

Penis waffles are the Toronto summer food craze of 2021… and you know how crazy Toronto can get when it comes to taking pictures of trendy foods.

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