PAYPAL plans to ‘DISRUPT’ finances of those they label ‘white supremacists’

PAYPAL plans to ‘DISRUPT’ finances of those they label ‘white supremacists’

PayPal recently announced a partnership with the Southern Poverty Law Center to not only “investigate” and label those considered “white supremacists,” but to actively disrupt their finances, too.

“The country that you know is already gone. The United States of America is not the constitutional republic that it always has been. We do not have people in Washington, D.C., who are protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. It’s no longer being used,” Glenn stated.

“PayPal is now looking at the Southern Poverty Law Center to do their work, to investigate the role of ‘white supremacist’ and anti-government rhetoric,” Glenn continued. “And then … the Southern Poverty Law Center will give a label to that person. … So, if I get that label, PayPal will not let me do anything through PayPal. And if other companies join that, well, then will I be able to fly? You see, if these companies decide they can block you, they’ll block you at everything you want to do.

“We’re developing a system now, that if you are blocked from using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Uber, Amazon, PayPal, Venmo, [or] other financial systems, banking platforms have announced a ban on certain legal purchases, such as firearms. If they start restricting other things, I mean, you’re living in a world where you cannot hold certain political views, because you will be blocked from society and you will be unable to make a living,” he added.

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn Beck:

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