Fast Food Fury

FAST FOOD FURY | Chipotle late order complaint ends with scissors slinged, police called

BALTIMORE (WBFF) — A person claiming to be the manager at a Chipotle in Baltimore now faces aggravated assault charges after apparently throwing scissors at a man complaining about a delay in his order.

According to Baltimore City Police, the burrito battle erupted Aug. 10.

56-year-old Antony Evans placed his order at the Chipotle in Baltimore’s Mt. Vernon neighborhood, but when he got to the store, he ended up having to wait another 30 minutes for his order.

When he went to ask a manager about the delay, the conversation got heated quickly.

You messed up my order, you messed up my order, and then I come and I complain and you just get ignorant and start clapping your hands,” Evans said in the video.

Shortly after that, the woman walks to the back of the store.

This is crazy. It’s crazy because my order was supposed to be ready at 11:40 and I’m just picking it up right now. Yeah, keep going, keep going. I’m going to sit here and eat my f****** food and let you fuss and cuss. This is going right on Facebook,” Evans said on the video while the woman was in the back.

When she comes back out, she said, “I’m the manager. You can call whoever you want to, b****,” and the video shows her throw scissors at Evans. He says he was hit in the left shoulder.

After that, Evans called the police.

When officers arrived, the person who claimed to be the manager was nowhere to be found.

WBFF News has reached out to Chipotle. The company has not responded.

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