Stowaways ‘fall to their deaths from plane’ – five are killed at Afghan airport

  1. Three stowaways are believed to have died after bodies were seen plunging from a US transport aircraft
  2. Video showed thousands rushing across the runway as US troops fired warning shots into the air
  3. US official said the troops opened fire to deter people forcing their way onto plane filled with US diplomats
  4. It is not clear whether the five who died on the ground were killed in a stampede or American gunfire
  5. Chaos comes amid a ‘shameful’ silence from Joe Biden despite greatest foreign policy disaster for decades
  6. President released a statement on Saturday to blame Donald Trump but has not spoken publicly on the retreat
  7. Taliban marched into Kabul victorious on Sunday after a blistering advance in the wake of US withdrawal 
  8. One chieftain in the presidential palace proudly proclaimed he had previously been an inmate at Guantanamo

Eight people have died at Kabul airport where thousands of desperate Afghans have clambered onto moving military planes and U.S. troops have fired warning shots into the air amid a chaotic scramble to flee the Taliban.

Three stowaways are believed to have plunged to their deaths, with footage showing bodies falling from the underside of a hulking USAF transport jet as it climbed into the skies over the fallen city on Monday. Further images later showed mutilated corpses strewn across a rooftop.

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By Ross Ibbetson For Mailonline and Wires06:06 EDT 16 Aug 2021 , updated 08:58 EDT 16 Aug 2021


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