Biden Regime Says Anti-Maskers, Lockdown Resisters, And Trump Supporters Are Huge Terrorist Threat

Biden Regime Says Anti-Maskers, Lockdown Resisters, And Trump Supporters Are Huge Terrorist Threat

By Tom Pappert

In new guidance released this week, Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says that opponents of COVID-19 restrictions including lockdowns and vaccine mandates, and supporters of President Donald Trump who believe the 2020 election was stolen constitute major terror threats.

A photo went viral on Twitter this week, claiming to show that the Department of Homeland Security considers “Opposition to COVID measures” and “Claims of election fraud” to be two of the country’s largest terrorist threats currently faced by the Biden regime. Many expressed skepticism, suggesting the photo was manipulated, due to the seemingly ridiculous notion that lockdown resisters are more dangerous than Islamic terrorists or the Taliban, even as the militant group conquers and occupies the majority of Afghanistan as American troops leave after a 20-year occupation.

However, the image appears to be real, and the topics included in the image were discussed on MSNBC, the low-rated cable news network. (READ MORE: Army National Guard Recruits For ‘Internment’ And ‘Resettlement’ Specialist, Military Documents Lay Out Procedure For ‘Civilian Internees’)

The DHS claims that the United States is in a “heightened threat landscape,” and according to MSNBC, “Homeland Security says there’s several concerning factors. There’s continuing grievances over COVID restrictions, which has stirred up a lot of opposition,” and “there’s the coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,” and “And there are approaching religious holidays and the opening of school and the possibility of school shootings.”

A former member of the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security also recently claimed that Republicans should be considered a terrorist threat.

Miles Taylor, the former official, claimed that President Donald Trump disregarded the DHS’s claims that Republicans constitute terrorism threats, however, he also directly compared Republicans to radical Islamic extremists. “a very prominent, former U.S. commander who said there are elements of the GOP that are starting to look like the jihadists that he used to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, spreading lies and conspiracy theories to radicalize a population,” said Taylor, who emphasized that concerns about election integrity and the 2020 election are akin to beheadings and Sharia Law.

“And I worry similarly about the continuing radicalization of the electorate,” Taylor continued. “If you go back and look in time, and I say this as a counterterrorism guy, terrorism movements don’t start immediately with violence. They usually start with a political grievance that leaders say cannot be solved through peaceful means. Then they move to violence. After Trump started to promulgate the big lie, a lot of us said what he’s doing is actually tilling the fertile soil for extremists to pop up later on.”

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