Japanese City Suffers Coldest Summer Temperature in 128-Years of Records

Japanese City Suffers Coldest Summer Temperature in 128-Years of Records

The MSM was keen to promote this year’s Olympic Games as potentially being the “hottest ever!”; but in reality, northern Japan is suffering all-time, never-before seen, record-breaking COLD — and it is going largely unreported.

In Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the city of Wakkanai registered a daily high of just 51F (10.5C) this week — this was the city’s lowest August reading in 128 years of books, so since 1893 (the Centennial/Gleissberg Minimum).

The mercury plunged even lower overnight, as you’d expect — an astonishing 36.7F (2.61C) was logged early Thursday morning, Aug 11, according to local news station TV Asahi.

Shocked residents spoke of being able see their breath, in the height of summer.

japan hokkaido map
Wakkanai is located on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. 

Extreme weather and wildly-fluctuating temperatures have been documented across Japan in recent weeks.

At the close of July, Wakkanai actually came close to busting a high temperature record, but fell just short.

Such swings between extremes are fully predicted during times of low solar activity –such as the historically low output we’re experiencing now– as the lower incoming energy weakens the jet streams, reverting them to a wavy (meridional) flow.

These swings are only forecast to intensify as the Grand Solar Minimum fully takes hold (due SC26–or the early-2030s).


We’re seeing this here in North America but not as extreme yet. Chile had snow on the Palm trees a few days ago so don’t think we’re going to be untouched by this cycle. Maybe MSM will pick up on this next year when it’s our turn for rain and cold. For now we’ll just ignore these hot and cold days of summer.

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