Woman whose name was used to send racist messages to Black Lives Matter blames ex-tenant

Woman whose name was used to send racist messages to Black Lives Matter blames ex-tenant

A Texas businesswoman whose name was used to send racist messages to the Black Lives Matter Sacramento Facebook page in April says she has discovered who was really responsible: a former tenant she evicted from a rental property.

Documents filed in federal court in Sacramento identify the “impostor” who sent the messages under Karra Crowley’s name as Robert Leslie Adair, and Crowley’s lawyer is now seeking permission to add Adair’s name to a libel lawsuit against BLM Sacramento and its founder, Tanya Faison.

Adair could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Messages to email accounts listed for him in online records came back as undeliverable, and a call to a business listing for him at Roseville Mortuary Transport in Citrus Heights was not returned.

Court records in Sacramento County show a Robert Adair has been named in four eviction lawsuits between 2001 and this year.

A separate small claims case was filed in Placer Superior Court last year by a woman who claimed Robert Leslie Adair hired her at $4,500 a month to help pick up bodies of deceased residents at senior homes and elsewhere and transport them to funeral homes, but that she was never paid.

“I went and picked up dead people with him,” Tabitha Button said in a telephone interview, adding that she won her small claims case but was never paid the $4,565 judgment.

Crowley has been trying to find who was responsible for whoever sent the messages to BLM Sacramento, and court filings say a subpoena sent to Google by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office led them to Adair.

“The Sheriff’s Office served a warrant on Google, and Google responded very quickly, providing information about the cellphone used to send the impostor’s emails,” Crowley attorney Jeffrey Ochrach wrote in court documents. “Then, the Sheriff’s Office served a warrant on the cellular carrier seeking information about the owner of the cellphone, and this warrant led to the discovery of the owner of the cellphone through which the impostor’s emails were sent.

“That person is Robert Leslie Adair.”

Crowley, a real estate investor, said Adair had rented a Sacramento-area property from her.

“He is a former tenant that we evicted, and he hadn’t paid rent in about 14 months,” she said. “We were finally able to get him evicted from the property.”

The messages came in to the BLM Sacramento Facebook page purporting to be from “Karra Crowley” and attacking the group with comments such as “Let’s bring slavery back!!!!” and “White People are kings!!!!”

The Facebook page responded with a claim that Crowley’s identity as the sender had been “verified,” leading to her libel suit against the group and Faison for exposing her and her husband to “hatred, contempt, ridicule and obloquy because they portray plaintiffs as racists and ignorant.”

Court papers say Crowley received death threats and had comments posted on her business Facebook page calling her a “disgusting human” and urging customers not to rent from her.

Crowley’s attorney is now asking U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. for permission to file an amended lawsuit adding Adair to it. But Mark Merin, a Sacramento defense attorney for Faison and BLM Sacramento, says the lawsuit against his clients should be tossed out and that Crowley should turn her attention to Adair.

“If they think he’s the genesis they should go after him,” Merin said. “It’s ridiculous that they should be going after Black Lives Matters and Tanya Faison.

“They’re innocent victims.”


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