Josh Duggar IS NOT Dead

Josh and his lovely wife, Anna

By Katy Forrester & Teresa Roca

On Thursday, Twitter was awash with rumors the disgraced former reality star had died – after a website published a fake obituary on July 7.

It read: “Unconfirmed posts from various social media platforms indicate that former American reality TV personality Joshua James Duggar, known as Josh Duggar, is believed to have died.”

Many reposted the news on the social media platform, with one writing: “Josh Duggar Dead? Social Media Post Leaves Users Confused, Hopeful.”

A third confusing tweet added: “We’re pained as we learnt on July, 7th, 2021, that Josh Duggar has died. Like every death, the coming to an end of the Josh Duggar life has sent…”

After being approached by The Sun for comment, Josh’s lawyer, Travis W. Story, said: “Thanks for your concern; I have communicated with my client this afternoon since your inquiry, and there is no truth to that rumor.”

Washington County and Benton County coroner’s offices confirmed to The Sun they do not have Josh Duggar’s body.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed no 911 calls have been made from The Reber’s home in Arkansas – where Josh is staying with family friends Lacount and Maria Reber following his release on bail.

A Duggar source told The Sun: “Many of the family are trying to stay away from what is written about Josh at the minute, especially from looking at Twitter comments since his arrest.

“And despite public opinion of him right now, it’s very upsetting to hear keyboard warriors are making up these rumors and causing more stress for them at such an awful time.”

Meanwhile, Josh, a father of six, is demanding to see the government’s evidence in his child pornography case and has hit out at the police’s “credibility.”

In court papers exclusively obtained by The Sun, Josh’s legal team filed a Motion to Compel requesting the government provide them with “an undated screen shot” and “all law enforcement reports and related discovery prepared by the Little Rock.”

The document read: “The Government disclosed to the defense a screen shot. However, the screen shot does not identify what it is a screen shot of and the Government has not provided any information concerning the ‘Summary’ or ‘Investigative Activity.'”

Josh’s team has “repeatedly attempted to obtain this unambiguously discoverable evidence,” but the Government has “refused to produce this evidence.”

They claim the government is also refusing to disclose to them police reports and related evidence from the Little Rock, Arkansas police department.

The U.S. Sun

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