Florida Man Attempts Run to New York on the Sea

A 49-year-old Florida man attempted to run from his hometown of St. Augustine, Florida to New York City in a human-sized home-brew hamster wheel. Unfortunately, fate had other plans and brought him back to land according to a Sheriff’s office report published on Facebook.

Reza Baluchi is a seasoned endurance runner. Reza is an engineer at coronary heart and has been searching for methods to make the most of his operating talents at sea.

Reza figured that an externally strengthened zorbing ball was enough to make the trip to Bermuda. He packed protein bars and bottled water contained in the ball for a journey of a 1000 miles and he planned to do it by walking inside. After two days, a locator beacon in the ball was activated and Baluchi was forced to abort his mission by the Coast Guard, CBS reported.

Over the years, Baluchi worked to improve the design of his ball. His newest iteration uses massive balloons to the wheel afloat.

Speaking to a local news station, Baluchi is determined to “walk on the sea” and vowed to proceed, irrespective of being stopped by authorities.

Facebook dwellers have been empathetic to Baluchi’s troubles with one even suggesting to add two paddles to adjust his course when required.



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