Adult Puta Escorted From Conservative Event

Adult Puta Escorted From Conservative Event

By Emma Nolan

Porn star Brandi Love labeled Turning Point USA a “religious cult” after she was banned from an event this weekend.

The adult film star, whose political affiliations lie with the Republican party, was welcomed as a VIP guest at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit event in Tampa Bay, Florida on Saturday, before bring turned away by Christian conservatives.

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is a right-wing organization that advocates conservative values on high school and college campuses.

“It’s good to be around so many young conservatives,” she said on Twitter, before she was asked to leave. “Gives me some hope!”

However, following her removal from the event, the 48-year-old took to social media to condemn TPUSA, calling the group a “Trojan horse” for organized religion.

Love responded to a comment from someone saying that they understood why a porn star was banned from the event, but criticizing their “dogma” as being “just as annoying and pernicious as that we hear from the woke bunch on the left.”

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