The Best Breakfast Sandwiches In The Fast Food Universe

The Best Breakfast Sandwiches In The Fast Food Universe

Right now the dominating force in the fast food universe is the breakfast menu. It’s like the Death Star or [insert your favorite nerdy MacGuffin here] of the fast food conversation! If you don’t pay as exhaustingly close attention to the scene as we do, you might not realize that just a decade ago few drive-thru restaurants had a breakfast menu that even came close to the size of McDonald’s, if they had one at all. But in 2021, we can’t even say for certain if McDonald’s still has the best breakfast menu in the game.

The competition is just too fierce. With even some mid-level fast food chains bringing the heat.

11. Starbucks — Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich

10. Subway — Bacon, Egg & Cheese

9. Sonic — Sausage Breakfast Toaster

8. Burger King — Fully Loaded Croissan’Wich Bacon, Ham, Sausage

7. Dunkin’ — Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich

6. Jack in the Box Loaded Breakfast Sandwich

5. Farmer Boys — 2-Egg Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage

4. Chick-fil-A — Chicken Biscuit

3. Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s — The Breakfast Burger

2. McDonald’s — Sausage McMuffin with Egg & Cheese

1. Wendy’s — Breakfast Baconator

First place

 Wendy’s — Breakfast Baconator

The sandwich features a delicious thick grilled sausage patty that has a smoked flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness and a slice of salty American cheese on top of it. Then we’ve got our first layer of bacon. Wendy’s bacon is unparalleled in the fast food space — it’s crunchy and smokier than the competition and is considerably thicker than most. It’s not thicker than restaurant bacon or a strip from a thick-cut market brand, but it has a lot of chew to it, which I appreciate. Then we have a decent fried egg, it’s a little dry but not distractingly so, another slice of American cheese, and another layer of bacon that is smothered in salty and decadent Swiss cheese sauce.

Taken all together, it’s juicy, crunchy, greasy, and explodes with flavor with every bite.

In Which We Attempt To Determine The Best Breakfast Sandwiches In The Fast Food Universe

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