Spouse poisoning? Sounds like a movie…..

Spouse poisoning? Sounds like a movie…..

I’m a man who’s been having slowly worsening health for no explanation. It’s led me to think about whether my wife could be poisoning me.

I was taking benzodiazepines for many years at high doses for a panic disorder and finally got treatment to get off them.

I went through Post-Acute-Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) for 26 months and started to feel better. Then, about two years after PAWS, I started to have symptoms like panic episodes.

I had many doctor-ordered tests which always came out negative.

About six months ago, I was having episodes where my blood pressure would go really high (242/149).

I was put on two types of blood pressure medicines which helped, but I would have other symptoms that made me were very uncomfortable: Cold spells (chills), nausea, diarrhea, light headedness, peripheral vision issues, hair falling out, lethargy and shakes, and feeling like I was being “drugged.”

My relationship with my wife is and has been strained for some time. I believe that she feels her needs are not being met as a result of my health concerns.

I’ve been paying for a life insurance policy that will pay her $500K in the event of my death. That policy expires at age 70.  I’m now 62.

I could be mistaken here in my wonderings, but what if…?

All tests from the doctors come back negative but I’ve not been asking them to test for poisoning.

What are your thoughts?


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