WATCH THIS: Russian Driver Captures Huge ‘Tornado’ Of Swarming Mosquitoes

WATCH THIS: Russian Driver Captures Huge ‘Tornado’ Of Swarming Mosquitoes

Tom Wood

It’s a nightmare scenario, but one driver managed to capture the experience of driving straight through such a large swarm of mosquitoes, they pretty much blocked out the sun. Check out this for a weird video:

Yes, that’s a hell of a lot of bugs. In fact, if you encountered that many insects you’d be forgiven for turning around expecting to see a bloke called Moses yelling something about letting ‘his people’ go.

However, it became a grim reality for one man in Russia, who captured the rare occurrence on camera.

The insects are out there looking for a mate, but they’re doing so in such huge numbers that it creates a huge black cloud not too dissimilar to a ‘tornado’.

Credit: Newsflash

The bizarre airborne phenomenon was filmed near to the village of Ust-Kamchatsk in the eastern Russian region of Kamchatka Krai back on 17 July.

The person who shot the remarkable footage said that they were driving through the swarm for a good while – hundreds of metres if they’re to be believed.

Apparently, they couldn’t really see where they were going very well because there were so many male mosquitoes looking around to reproduce.

Despite looking like a horrendous plague, it’s actually harmless, and the worst thing about it would be that it’s simply an incredibly unpleasant experience.

Because many of them are males, you’re not likely to be bitten. It’s the female of this particular bug that’s to be avoided if you don’t want an itchy bite.

Credit: Newsflash

Entomologist Lyudmila Lobkova explained: “There is nothing wrong here, they are male mosquitoes that do not hunt warm-blooded animals, but circle around one or several females in order to mate.”

Although these are mostly male mozzies, there will be plenty of females knocking about too, so it’s probably best to give this whole disgusting thing a wide berth.

According to local media, this sighting won’t come as a surprise to those who live in the area, as it’s something that they see each year and are well used to.

However, the amount of insects depends entirely on the weather conditions at this time of the year, and simply how many mosquitoes there are present.

Credit: Newsflash

As the person who filmed the video captioned it: “It seems to be that there are many more this year than usual.”

This part of Russia is surrounded by tundra and swamps, so mosquitoes tend to thrive in the area.

If you’d just turned up as a tourist it would be a shock, though.

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