Video shows NYPD use stun gun on black man in subway; police allege he let someone skip fare

Video shows NYPD use stun gun on black man in subway; police allege he let someone skip fare

A witness video captured the moment the NYPD used a stun gun on a Black man aboard a subway train last week after he allegedly allowed a rider into the station without paying.

The man in the video from the July 6 incident was identified by a New York City Police Department spokesman as David Crowell, 29, of the Bronx.

Crowell allegedly allowed a man into the 116th Street Station in Manhattan by opening an emergency gate for him, police said.

Two videos captured the moment, one released by the NYPD showing an interaction between Crowell and officers prior to the use of the stun gun and one filmed by a bystander of the moment he was shocked. It’s not clear what happened immediately before each video.

The police bodycam video shows an agitated Crowell aboard a subway train while an officer is trying to speak to him from the station’s platform. Crowell said multiple times, “I paid.”

He then swears at officers on the platform. At one point, Crowell says, “F— the police. What do my back say?” He then lifts up his shirt and turns his back toward officers, apparently showing a tattoo. Crowell also appears to threaten officers.

“You bust that s—, I’m going to run you. I promise you,” he said.

Police said Crowell refused to exit the train, threatened officers and resisted arrest.

“Body-worn camera footage shows the man cursing at officers, refusing to exit the train, & threatening them,” the NYPD said in a tweet releasing the video.

The witness video shows multiple officers boarding a train and surrounding Crowell. He again tells officers, “I paid. I paid.”

Train riders who are witnessing the interaction plead with police that Crowell paid the train fare.

One female officer moves to handcuff Crowell. Shortly after, he begins flailing and struggling with multiple officers. That’s when one officer fires a stun gun that hits Crowell’s back. Crowell’s body buckles as he falls back and screams in pain.

Crowell could not be reached for comment Thursday.

He was arrested on charges that included resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct, police said.

The man Crowell let into the station for free did pay his fare when confronted by officers, police said. A department spokesman Thursday declined to name the officer seen on the bystander video using his stun gun against Crowell.


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