Who’s Out To Get Kamala?

Daniel Greenfield



It’s not normal for mainstream media outlets to repeatedly run hit pieces on a Dem V.P. with less than a year in office. It’s even less normal when she’s a black woman.

Joe Biden had a sexual assault accusation hanging over his head without getting the negative stories that are being spread about Kamala.

The obvious question is why. The obvious answer is that there are a lot of knives out for Kamala.

And we’re not just talking about the former and current staffers who hate her guts. The same stories about Bernie Sanders being horrible to his staff barely merited one story which was quickly buried.

1. Biden’s people – It’s unclear to what extent Biden is running the campaign or is running anything, but he publicly dumped thankless duties on Kamala, like the border, that were all but designed to make her look bad.

Going into the election, there was the presumption that Biden was a one-termer who would step aside so Kamala could make history. Biden has since announced that he wants to run again, and the worse Kamala polls, the less likely he is to be pressured to stand down.

Biden’s people have been cleverer than most would give them credit for. They picked a black VP who’s unpopular with BLM and a lot of black nationalists so that there will be little pressure from black activists or establishment black Democrats, who like Biden more than Kamala anyway, to step aside in her favor.

A low-grade campaign of humiliation and hit pieces helps keep Kamala down.

2. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and potentially any Democrat contenders in 2024.

Biden’s weakness and age mean that unlike normal elections where incumbents are rarely challenged within their own primary, a lot of the 2020 Dem gang are hoping that he won’t run again, and then they’re preparing to take on Kamala. There’s no solid plan here, but softening her up is a good long-term career move.

3. The Left

Despite Kamala trying to be everything to everyone, a lot of the Left hates her. And that probably helps these stories get traction in the media.

What’s almost as revealing as the extraordinary campaign against a black female VP just past her political honeymoon, is how inept Kamala’s response has been. Wherever the attacks are coming from, she’s terrible at countering them or punching back. The initial hit pieces were a trial balloon. Since then they’ve escalated and, before long, I suspect we’ll see allegations of sexual misconduct in her office (it’s happened before). Kamala has shown that she can’t fight back and doesn’t seem to know how to fight back. And that means the worst is yet to come.




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