Megyn Kelly says the media has overblown Capitol riot

Megyn Kelly says the media has overblown Capitol riot

By David Marcus


Conservative pundit Megyn Kelly is calling out national news outlets for misrepresenting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in their coverage.

“There’s no question the media represented this as so much worse than it actually was,” the cable news vet said on her podcast.

She went on to note that mainstream media commentators and journalists have extended the words and actions of some of the people at the Capitol that day to all supporters of President Donald Trump.

“We’ve all seen the video of people, like, screaming in the face of cops, being totally disparaging, and defecating on the floor of the US Capitol, and lawmakers were understandably afraid, not like [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying] ‘I need therapy for the rest of my life’ afraid, but I could understand it, and I didn’t like seeing it at all,” Kelly continued.

Protestors attacked a police officer at the US Capitol
Kelly said the event “wasn’t” an insurrection.
James Keivom

“So they got tarred by the actions of some losers who went a different way. And then the media did what it does, which is any bad behavior gets attributed to the entire group of Trump supporters.”

Kelly criticized her former peers on network news for lacking “nuance” in their coverage of the event, adding, “It wasn’t an ‘insurrection.’ It wasn’t.”

Kelly infamously clashed with then-candidate Trump while moderating a 2015 presidential debate, and has not described herself as a supporter of the former president.

Protesters even entered the Senate Chamber during the riots.
Protesters even entered the Senate chamber during the riots.
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The House of Representatives has formed a select committee to investigate the riot, after a failed attempt by Democrats and some Republicans to form a 9/11-style commission to look into the debacle.

Though Trump was acquitted of “inciting an insurrection” by the Senate after the House of Representatives impeached him for a second time, the media has widely used that term to describe the riot.

Supporters of President Donald Trump clash with police at the US Capitol

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