Martha Stewart Is Giving Away Boxes Of Wine. Here’s How To Get One

Martha Stewart Is Giving Away Boxes Of Wine. Here’s How To Get One


Martha Stewart may be known mostly for her kitchen skills and consummate sense of design, but as a new offering from her Martha Stewart Wine Company, she’s curating three-bottle wine boxes from wineries all over the world. And as a “one-time offer for new customers” to the site, you can get your first box for free, paying only shipping and taxes, which comes to just $14.95. That’s less than the average cost of a single high-quality bottle of wine, which is quite the bargain!

As Stewart states on the company’s home page, “One of my greatest pleasures is gathering with friends, and sometimes family, to enjoy two things I love: food and wine.” The offer notes that this is “a collection of wines that Martha personally enjoys and serves to guests,” assuring that Stewart’s personal touch — and reputation for good taste — is behind each bottle.

Unlike many similar offers, the site emphasizes that this is not a “wine club,” and no subscriptions or sign-ups are needed. In each box, there are three full-size 750 ml wine bottles, not taster sizes. You can choose either all red, all white — which includes one rosé —or a mix, which for the current offer is one red, one white and a rosé. There is an option to add a trio of Bordeaux wines as well for $30, with no additional shipping

These are high quality, award-winning wines


The Martha Stewart Wine Company offer provides details of the flavor profiles and growing regions of each wine in the box. When possible, they also note the history of the winery, the grapes selected, and what inspired the wine. For example, the 2019 Vol Du Flamant Grenache Rosé states it was inspired by “the beauty and elegance of the flamingo.” Its flavor profile has “aromas of pink flower and apricot” and “flavors of red currant and blood orange,” with a palate that’s “fruity and balanced with a refreshing finish.”

The site also points out that the wines sold by Martha Stewart Wine Company have won over 700 awards in total, with many bottles winning multiple awards. One of the white offerings, the Villa Amoroso Moscato Vino Dolce I.G.T., has won four awards, including Gold at the 2016 Monterey Wine Festival, and Gold and Best of Class at Harvest Challenge Wine Competition in 2017.

If you decide you want more, the Martha Stewart Wine Company does have a traditional wine club, where once a month they ship you 12 bottles of wine. Introductory pricing is $89.88, with subsequent months billing at $159.98. Though this is pricier than a box of almost-free wine, the site points out that each bottle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As they state on the wine club page, “We also guarantee you’ll love what Martha selected, and if you don’t, we’ll replace it for free!”


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