Points of Destruction-Part 3-None-Nada-No-Nein

Points of Destruction-Part 3-None-Nada-No-Nein

Points of destruction-Part three-None-Nada-No-Nein

 © Donna R. Lands


Points of destruction for any town, county, state or country are none-nada-no and nein.

No jobs except government jobs-none-nada-nein. No private sector jobs. No decent housing. No opportunities. No major industry of manufacturing, forestry, mining or agriculture.

Education is none existent because the government employees, the students and even some parents have no desire to learn and teach the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. No ambition in the area creating laziness to survive and strive. Absent fathers in the family create abandonment issues with the children. Characters of a person are defined by the love within the family.

No long term sustainable, dependable and affordable energy sources and this does destroy communities.

The poorest cities with the most crimes are leftist controlled cities in the USA. The exception is leftist controlled Washington DC whose major employer is the Federal government.

Twenty two out of the twenty five of the poorest countries in the world are in Africa. Why? They have no electricity are illiterate, no major manufacturing and you have governments that are in a constant upheaval.

One of the poorest cities in the USA is Detroit Michigan. Why? They are democrat controlled, crime is high, they don’t have a dependable public transportation, they have a high illiteracy rate and manufacturing has left the town. The town has been left to wither and die. Detroit used to be the Paris of the USA but then the destructive democrats came along and destroyed it.

President Biden and the democrats have intense desires to make the whole USA into the United States of Africa so we can be down and out and as poor as all of Africa.

I included the following links to support my points of view. Make sure to read them because you will be surprised. I surely was.

Take note on how working for the government is way better than working for the private sector.

Government is the one out of control and wasting our money-all to themselves. They really don’t care about being public servants. That’s a joke on us because they serve themselves. They get the most money for the least amount of work. They get the best medical and best retirement plans. If I had advice for young kids today, I would say, ‘Become a government public servant leech because it’s better than being an indentured taxpaying slave.”!

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