Miss Manners: Married couple mistaken for father and son

Miss Manners: Married couple mistaken for father and son

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I’m in a same-sex marriage with a man who is half my age. I consider myself very lucky and — for whatever reasons — our marriage works well. We’ve been happy together for five years and counting.

I’ve found that others, particularly in the service industry, often ask if we are father and son or other familial connection. I usually simply respond “no” to the question, but if they persist, I admit to taking a fair amount of joy in their discomfort as their awkward guesses continue until I tell them that we’re a married couple.

My husband tolerates my foible, usually with a smile, but friends say that I’m being rude and should simply tell them from the start. I feel that, while it may be uncomfortable, it certainly isn’t rude or mean, and that I have no obligation to volunteer information.

Perhaps I don’t have the right to the joy of their discomfort, but I consider it a small price to pay. Am I indeed being rude?

-Wiggle Bum


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