Ann Coulter: Modern Day Mata Hari

Ann Coulter: Modern Day Mata Hari

‘Going on with Trumpism without Trump,’ Ann Coulter speaks at OU Turning Point USA student event

by Jonathan Kyncl, newsreporter

“The Trump agenda without Trump would be a lot easier,” Coulter said. “Our new motto should be ‘Going on with Trumpism without Trump.’ That’s a winning strategy.”

“The populist issues are issues that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ positions were really close on, at least for some of the things I care about,” Coulter said. “The Democrat Party is socialist. (Voters are) being scammed on the populist issues that (they) ought to come together on, left and right, to get together in politics. It’s a class issue, and I don’t want to burn down the rich, but I do think there could be a little more fairness for our fellow Americans.”

“The only people in the world who think saying something is the same as doing something are the media and Trump. The media acted like whatever Trump said just miraculously happened … so attacking him for the things he said, not the things he did, made him look great,” Coulter said. “Trump faced historic resistance from the media, and still about half of the people said, ‘I’m not voting for (Democrats), I’m not voting for the media.’”


Date on this article is November, 05, 2020

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