Rep Ilhan Omar Is Cl*T Less

Rep Ilhan Omar Is Cl*T Less

Laura Loomer


Getting faux outrage from the left for speaking truth about Ilhan Omar’s mutilated genitalia.

They should be outraged over the fact that a member of congress subscribes to a culture and ideology that believes in chopping little girls clits off… among other barbaric things. You know, like comparing Americans to HAMAS and supporting men who joined ISIS. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If they want to be mad at someone, they should be mad at Ilhan Omar and the person who chopped her clit off.

The truth is ugly and we need to talk about these things. She’s uncivilized from the top down and doesn’t belong in congress.

I’m fighting for human rights. I urge Omar to do the same.

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