True event-Schitbox Brian

True event-Schitbox Brian

This is a true story.

My daughter shacked up with Brian. I didn’t like Brian from the moment I met him. He never had a nice thing to say about his mama, sister, aunts or exes. He called his mama a bitch. That was a big red flag to me as a woman and as a mama. It was a nightmare for only a year. True to my prediction, he turned out to belong to the slap-a-hoe tribe. Instead of diving deep into domestic violence, I would rather tell you how schitbox Brian earned his name in more ways than one.

Schitbox Brian

BillieRae was driving north on the Newport Highway in her 2005 Jeep liberty one cold winters eve.  She was with her boyfriend Brian. He said, “Oh BillieRae, I need to take a dump”!

“I can pull over,” BillieRae says.

“Nah, I’ll jump in the backseat and go in that cardboard box”.

“No Brian, I’ll pull over at Millers gas station”.

Before BillieRae could stop him, Brian hopped over the seat and proceeded to take a dump in that cardboard box. “Oh my God Brian, I can’t believe you’re doing that. I want to pull over”, as she blurted out the words whilst rolling down her window.

“No, keep driving” as Brian schist out more of his slap a hoe schit.

“Ah Brian, how could you? You stay back there. I want nothing to do with that shitbox or you right now. You’re going to clean it up too”, she says sternly!

“You better not ever tell anyone that I did that”, said Brian

“Hmm, mm… Oh yea babe, I won’t tell a soul, she says”.

BillieRae told me the very next day…There you have it-Now you know the story of schitbox Brian.  Hahaha…I kid you not, every time after that when I would see him, I would laugh because I know the truth about the schitbox Brian.

His departing song was, “Hit the Road Jack”.

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