Points of Destruction-Part 2-Ism

Points of Destruction-Part 2-Ism

This is part two of a series that I am writing for you. These are the things that I believe are destroying our communities, states, countries and empires. Many divers places have passed their golden age.

The world empire is at its zenith as I type.


Where do you begin when you observe the entire ‘ism’s that are destructive to our communities of today?

We have Leftism, Communism, Liberalism, Nazism, Fascism, Islamism, racism, cronyism and of our course my favorite dip-schitism.(Donna-made-up word) Some may say conservatism destroys a community but I have never witnessed such a farce. Leftism will twist the truth about their “ism” of the day. There is no such thing as rightism because right is right and right is hardly ever wrong.

What does it mean to be left? Left out in the cold? Oh yes. Leftovers because we have nothing left when they are done destroying our ways of happiness, freedoms and prosperity. Yep. Out in left field? Oh yeah, thus they suffer from their own self induced dip-schitism.

In the days of the Romans zenith, where were they? Their morals were all about partying, enslaving, taxing, killing, raping, homosexuality in every corner, the family unit was destroyed, and there was no cooperation in the community for economic cohesion. Live and let live was the “Ism’ of that time just like it is today in all the different ‘leftism’ areas. The ‘ism’ is living in an iconoclastic state of mind.

There were riots, looting and the burning of Rome during the fall of the Roman zenith that lasted for years.

Humans are moral animals until immorality is allowed to flourish. A good field flourishes until the weeds and pestilence takes over.

The highest fear in the people comes about because the lefts “ism’s take hold. All the ‘ism’s create dependency, indoctrination, forced slavery and eventually bloodshed. The highest crime rates are in leftism cities, states and countries controlled by their ‘ism’s.

Peace does not come from any of the “ism’s because peace is not what their ‘ism’ seeks. The ‘ism’ seeks control of your independence, freedom and prosperity. The ‘ism’ seeks to control the air you breathe in and the Co2 you exhale. The ‘ism’ wants to control what you see, hear and think.

Who controls the ‘ism’ is there for the world to see but frightened people ignore it. The ‘ism’s will not go quietly into the realms of history without holding onto their ‘ism’s for dear life.

What drives the ‘ism’? Money, greed and ultimate power drives them. In the minds of the ‘ism’s, it’s much easier to kill a few billion people than to control and feed a few billion people.

One only needs to research the rise and fall of all great empires to understand the truth of where it all begins to unravel. The world is at that stage of being all consumed by its ‘ism’s of the day.

Either you is or you ain’t an ‘ism’.

I included four links below for you to understand how today’s ism’s are destroying our communities, states, countries and our world.

You may know more ‘ism’s than me, so please share and don’t forget to recommend this Op-Ed. Your ‘ism’ depends on it. J










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