Austrian Man Bit on Genitals by Neighbor’s Python

Man, 65, is bitten ‘in the genital area’ by neighbour’s PYTHON while sitting on the toilet after it escaped through a drain

  • 65-year-old man from Austria bitten ‘in genital area’ by his neighbour’s python 
  • Snake had escaped through a drain and ended up hiding in the victim’s toilet 
  • As he went to the bathroom at 6am he felt a ‘pinch’ before discovering the snake
  • Man suffered minor injuries while python was unhurt and returned to its owner

An Austrian man has been bitten in the ‘genital area’ by his neighbour’s pet python after the snake escaped through a drain and ended up in his toilet.

The 65-year-old, from the southern city of Graz, was bitten around 6am Monday as he went to the toilet in his apartment.

Police said the man had just sat down when he felt a ‘pinch’ on his genitals and jumped to his feet, only to find a 5ft albino python staring back at him.

The man called officers, who arrived alongside a local reptile expert who came to remove the snake from its hiding spot.

Meanwhile the man was taken to hospital so he could be treated for ‘minor injuries’.

Medics said that, fortunately, pythons are not venomous but there was a risk the bite could become infected from bacteria in the toilet.

Expert Werner Stangl said the python was also uninjured, and after being cleaned was returned to its 24-year-old owner – the victim’s neighbour.

Police said the man keeps a total of 11 non-venomous snakes and a gecko in his apartment in specially-designed cages and drawers.

The reptile-owner was unaware the python had escaped until police brought it back, and said it is unclear how the snake managed it.

Its exact route into the neighbour’s apartment is also unclear.

Mr Stangl told local newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten that, in 40 years of dealing with reptiles, he had not seen anything like Monday’s incident.

Police said the snake owner had been referred to prosecutors for negligent bodily harm. It is unclear if he will be charged.

Animal services were also alerted to the presence of a large number of potentially dangerous snakes at his address.

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