Texas Woman Arrested After Joining 4th of July Parade On Tractor Without Permission

North Texas parade interrupted by low-speed pursuit

ROCKWALL, Texas (KXII) – A woman was taken to jail Saturday afternoon in Rockwall after taking police on a low-speed chase.

Laurie Bostic was arrested Saturday after evading Rockwall police on tractor.(KXII)

Rockwall 4th of July parade officials wouldn’t let Laurie Bostic ride her tractor in the parade, but that didn’t stop her.

Rockwall police said the 61-year-old was driving her tractor dangerously and tried to stop her.

But Bostic took off and eventually crashed into a fence.

She’s been charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting a procession, criminal mischief and evading arrest, a third degree felony.

Video was shot by parade-goer, Phil Goodwin.

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